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Back Massage

Deep Tissue Massage $38

Deep tissue massage is an effective way to ease muscle aches, unlocking stubborn knots, and promoting recovery and rehabilitation. It can help to prevent injuries and improve sport performance. While it is recommended for athletes to get sports massages regularly, you do not have to be an athlete to enjoy sport massage benefits. Getting a deep tissue massage massage will deeply massage your muscles to realign the fibres and connective tissue and flush toxins. It is good for maintenance, promoting recovery and regular sessions can increase your joint mobility and flexibility. If you want to reduce your downtime or simply solve that chronic ache,  this is for you!

Smooth Shiny Skin

Signature Customised Facial $38

Keep your skin nourished and rejuvenated with our 1-hour  customised facial.

Entrust your skin to our skilled professionals to decide between an oxygen jet flow facial or diamond vitalise facial among others depending on your skin's needs after an in depth analysis. You'll be taken through steps to remove impurities and restore your skin which will leave you feeling refreshed at the end of the treatment!


Hair Removal 

Most IPL hair removal treatments can give you some discomfort and even pain. While most spa and salon can mitigate the pain by using cooling gel to soothe irritated skin, however at Miss Elegance Prestige, we take it to another level by using our proprietary “No Pain” technology - E-LIGHT Treatment, a technology combining Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) with Radio Frequency (RF). ​

Come try for yourself with our E-LIGHT hair removal at Miss Elegance Prestige. Now you can enjoy 10 sessions for only $380! Lose unwanted hair faster and experience more pain-free than ever before!

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Elegance Bust Secret $98

The secret to ideal breast health? 
Introducing Miss Elegance Prestige highly sought-after therapy - Elegance Bust.
Using traditional massage techniques to address your breast issues that can lead to tenderness, pain, and swelling. 

Elegance Bust is beneficial for all women from pregnancy, lactation, weaning to just simply as general wellness.

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