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The Hair Removal Tool You Can't Live Without

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

E light Treatment, The Latest Hair Removal Tool

E-light hair removal treatment uses specific laser wavelength to target precisely into the dark pigment in our follicle to heat up the follicle in order to lessen its ability for hair growth without heating the surrounding skin. It uses specific optical energy that combined with radio frequency that gets to heats and coagulates. The E-Light system uses optical energy that combined with radio frequency, which heats and coagulates our hair follicle. This system uses specific laser wavelength. Therefore, it is easier to target our hair follicles, even if the hair is thin.

E-light hair removal treatments included upper and lower lip, underarm, chest, full leg front and back, bikini, full arm, half back and so on.

How many sessions do you need ?

You will are able to see invisible results after 12 sessions of treatment.

What to avoid before this session ?

- Avoid self tanning

- Avoid makeup on an the treated areas

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