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Good scalp day

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Why do we need scalp treatment ?

Our scalp is just like our skin. I believe that we wouldn't forget to cleanse our face every single day, exfoliate it once a week and applying mask twice a week. What will happen to your face without skincare will be the same goes to your scalp without treatment. Everyone hopes that our hair are healthy and strong. Do you know that in order to have healthy hair, we need to take care of our scalp first? Singapore is a country with tropical climate. Our scalp will be exposed to air pollution, smoke and dust directly everyday. Eventually, it will clog our hair follicles, which will hinder hair growth and causes hair thinning and irritation issues. A deep cleanse for our scalp will helps to remove excessive oil and dust. Thus, Meridian acupoint head and scalp massage will be served throughout your session with us for blood circulation and relaxation.

Our scalp therapist will be providing professional scalp analysis and consultation throughout the session based on your condition. After your session with us, you will have deeper understanding for how to take care of your scalp. At the end of the session, we even provide detox shoulder massage for de-stress and relaxation.

Benefits of our scalp treatment

-Kills bacteria and unclog hair follicles

-Removes scalp impurities

-Prevent hair loss

-Reduce irritation

-Instant result

-Promote blood circulation

What will happen if you do not take good care of your scalp ?

-Hair loss

-Hair thinning

-Oily scalp


-Dan Druff


As you can see, our customer came in with a sensitive and oily scalp. The scalp is irritated and causes redness. Not only that, the hair follicles are clogged. Throughout your session, our hair therapist will provide information about daily scalp maintenance based on your concern. You will get to know what type of daily hair products that are suitable for your scalp. You may also get to understand what causes all your scalp problems, such as itchiness or dandruff. After the session, you will get to see immediate result. Moreover, our meridian acupoint massage will help you to stimulate blood flow for healthy hair growth. Therefore, you get to feel refresh after our meridian scalp treatment.

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