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Updated: Jan 2, 2020

TCM Meridian Massage

Living in this hectic city, we often feel worn-out and exhausted. As time pass by, we forgot to relax and take good care of our body. Do you know that our body parts will eventually send out signals as a reminder to let them rest? These signals included neck or back pain, tight shoulder or hips, headaches, lack of flexibility and so on.

TCM Meridian massage promote smooth flow of positive energy throughout our body. It is effective for healing, reduce stress hormones and increase levels of endorphins. Endorphins are a type of essential chemicals of our body to relive stress and reduce pain. Furthermore, meridian massage is useful to detox our internal organs, improve immune system and blood circulation. Visit us today to get served by our experienced masseur! Our masseur will be deciding the type of massage that suits you perfectly based on your condition. They are very willing to share their knowledge based on your concern to let you understand your body better.

Why is TCM Meridian massage better?

" The massage that your body needs "

Meridian massage carries the flow (qi) of our body that connect to our organ. Our masseur will be targeting your specific body spots which is known as acupressure points. Our masseur will be using the press and rub method on the specific acupressure point from head to toe. If our meridians are blocked, there will be symptoms of imbalance of body and mind and causes several pains or unwell feelings. Therefore, targeting the acupoints during our TCM Meridian massage will helps to reduce the blockage of our meridian and improve the energy flow throughout our body. You are able to feel the pain leaving your body and left the renew and refresh feelings after your session with us.

Based on your concern, our masseurs are more than willing to share their knowledge throughout the session. You will get to know what causes blockage of body flow and unwell feelings of our certain body parts.

Body symptoms that reminds you that you need TCM Meridian massage

-stress and anxiety

-specific pain point (eg: neck pain)

-muscle tension

-uncomfortable stiffness



Book an appointment with us to know more about it, your body will appreciate it!

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